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Art at Yonge & St. Clair by Zebra

I didn’t know whether to post this under the TO or arts blog but wanted to highlight this public-art project by Alex and Fay. This is on til November 30.

Photo provided by Zebra.

Many people may never set foot in a gallery space. Art can be viewed as intimidating, or as something without reach. Something that may make us feel alienated, finding it hard to comprehend and the topic of buying art is a complete separate topic – something that is considered only wealthy people can do.

Our goal for this project was to bring art to unexpected spaces and in particular, everyday spaces. We wanted to interrupt the greyness of the everydayness with colour and beauty, spark imagination and creativity.

ZEBRA wants to bring art a little bit closer to people, making it accessible, within reach, less intimidating…and at the same time, contribute to bringing people and the community together, provoke discussions, and provide a platform for emerging artists to display their work, outside of the standard boundaries such as gallery spaces.

Link to interview about this project:


Co-founded by Yifat (Fay) Ringel and Alexandra Correia, ZEBRA brings artful experiences to the public in public spaces. ZEBRA is a public art consultancy and management firm, taking charge of all stages of public art installations from conception to implementation. Additionally, ZEBRA curates and produces art exhibitions and festivals. They also create platforms such as workshops, talk series and team building events with an art flavour, to expose art to people in an everyday setting. ZEBRA engages processes that bring the worlds of creativity and commerce to enhance the experience of place through art.