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Comet 3 is about Toronto’s past and future, sometimes prompted by personal connections or sightings during my photography outings. I’m a born-and-bred Torontonian, but I have to say my inspiration for this grew out of a question from a colleague in North Carolina about how we say the city’s name because she was coming to a conference and wanted to fit in!


So what do comets have to do with T’ronna (or Torontoh, as I like to say)? My father’s family were also lifers here, and my grandfather and his brother had success running entertainment enterprises such as Wells Bros. Amusements. They also had an iceboat called Comet, which they raced at alarming speeds down at the harbour. You can see the nameplate of it in the photo above, taken by Toronto Archives, where it is stored disassembled. Photos of an iconic Comet vs. motorcycle race in 1908 can be seen on the Toronto Archives website.


Many years later, my dad’s brother Gordon built a small plane (a real one, not a model) in his basement in Rexdale! Paradoxically, he had to take some of it apart for the eventual removal from the house (which was much to my Aunt Joyce’s relief). That was Comet II.

Gord Comet 2

Photo courtesy of Judy Darke.

So Comet 3 is my nod to all things good, entrepreneurial and cool that have contributed to and shape the Toronto of today.