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I’ve been teaching Latin and English in some way or another since I started tutoring at sixteen. And the jobs that didn’t involve teaching, coaching, facilitating or mentoring did involve very close reading of texts.

My aha! moment about editing was realizing that, although I loved the kids, my favourite part about teaching was the correcting (but I only used green ink!), especially explaining the nuances of language to students. I had been editing and proofreading for friends and family for years, but I decided to shelve my Latin libros and focus on copy editing, proofreading and indexing. I also do caption and subtitle editing, Latin curriculum proofreading, transcriptions, and sensitivity reading on homeschooling.

I am a current and active member of Editors’ Association of Canada ( Editors Canada), Indexing Society of Canada, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (Professional Member), and SUBTLE Subtitlers’ Association, and I write articles for some of those organizations’ blogs and newsletters. I attend and volunteer at ongoing seminars, workshops and annual conferences. I have also studied editing and indexing through Ryerson University’s publishing program.


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