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The Name

Editors must be a well-read bunch to be able to tackle all sorts of work. Hence the Wells Read.

My academic background is in sociology, classical studies, and theology. My work history has always involved close reading, be it in private investigations, social work, or teaching languages and humanities. And my reading for pleasure involves various genres, including speculative (specifically post-apocalyptic and dystopian) fiction, Can Lit, pilgrimage stories, and a category I like to call Edwardian: books by Howard Spring and his ilk. And gladiator novels.

Although my first love will always be Latin, my editing areas are broad and include fiction, non-fiction trade, and academic publishing. In fiction, I focus on dystopian/sci-fi/speculative, historical, and romance stories. I’m a generalist in non-fiction, although my micro-niches are liturgical art and sacred space, modern religious art, and Christian symbolism. I’ve also edited a lot of memoirs and self-help/spiritual guides.

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