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Selected Portfolio: Books

Black and white photo of boy pouring alcohol with a wry smile, for the cover of the autobiography Boy MoscowFloating city in the sky of cover of Metrofloat New York

cover of Borderlands in European Gender Studies


Fiction, Academic and Trade Books

The Vesta Shadows series by Debra Macleod. ISBN: 978-1094000244.

Boy Moscow: Cold War Exploits and Adventures by Kevin Paul Scarrott. ISBN: 978-3947198306

Why Was Rachel Murdered? by Bill Prentice. Best First Crime Novel 2019 finalist – Crime Writers of Canada. ISBN: 978-1775333708

Metrofloat New York by William Quincy Belle. ASIN: B07K631LDS

Sky View by Devon R. Eggers. ISBN: 978-1-9993845-0-0

Turner by Jonathan de Montfort. ISBN: 978-1912770014

Death Is a Many-Splendored Thing by William Quincy Belle. ISBN: 978-0995187863

Borderlands in European Gender Studies: Beyond the East–West Frontier edited by Teresa Kulawik and Zhanna Kravchenko. ISBN: 9780429290435

Understanding Boko Haram: Terrorism and Insurgency in Africa (Contemporary Terrorism Studies) by James Hentz, Hussein Solomon, Routledge. ISBN: 978-1138696228

Public Relations and the Corporate Persona: The Rise of the Affinitive Organization by Burton St. John III, Routledge. ISBN: 978-1138945012

Election Administration and the Politics of Voter Access by Kevin Pallister, Routledge. ISBN: 978-0415793179

Policing Hate Crime: Understanding Communities and Prejudice by Gail Mason et al., Routledge. ISBN: 978-1138904248

Salmagundi by William Quincy Belle. ISBN: 978-0995187832

Shattered Illusions: KGB Cold War Espionage in Canada by Donald G. Mahar. ISBN: 978-1442269132

Historic Newspapers in the Digital Age: “Search All about It!” by Paul Gooding, Routledge. ISBN: 978-1472463388

Nomadic Modernisms and Diasporic Journeys of Djuna Barnes and Jane Bowles  by Pavlina Radia. ISBN: 9789004314429

Aboriginal Canadian Communities Series for students by True North/Beech Street Books. ISBN: 9781773080284/291/307/314/321/338

International Organizations and the Rise of ISIL: Global Responses to Human Security Threats by Daniel Silander, Don Wallace and John Janzekovic (Editors), Routledge. ISBN-13: 978-1138689374

Mobilities Design: Urban Designs for Mobile Situations (Changing Mobilities) by Ole B. Jensen and Ditte Bendix Lanng, Routledge. ISBN-13: 978-1138852983

Saving Face: The Art and History of the Goalie Mask by Jim Hynes and Gary Smith; Foreword by Gerry Cheevers. ISBN-13: 978-1613218297

Game Face: Mastering the Media Interview: 19 Cautionary Tales by Bodine Williams. ISBN-13: 978-0990886129

Colour Studies by Shelagh Meagher. ISBN-13: 978-0988037427

The Chalice of Pearls by Michael Emert. ISBN-13: 978-1523702725

Sky Stone by Scarlett Van Dijk. ISBN-13: 978-1500645731Guardian Core (Sky Stone Book 2)  by Scarlett Van Dijk ISBN-13: 978-1515279945

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