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“I seriously cannot thank you enough for all your great work. You’ve saved my ass so many times, and your motto—I prevent embarrassment—is 100% true! All those little things… Those are all things that only someone with your knowledge would be able to catch, and I am so very pleased I found you. I really hope we can keep working together or work together again in the future.”                  ~Debra McLeod, historical fiction trilogy author

“Once again, I’d like to thank you for your amazing work on editing the document. Your comments, suggestions, and perspectives were all welcome. Your command of the English language, grammatical constructs, and concept expressions are all outstanding… I accepted nearly all your comments/suggestions/changes and made adjustments as you prompted for clarity and completeness… This has been a wonderful journey.”       ~Darin Graham, trilogy author

“I just finished reviewing everything and it’s great! Thanks for bringing your talent to this project. I really enjoy working with you.”     ~Devon Eggers, trilogy author

“Look no further: Vanessa’s your perfect choice. From the first line of communication to a completed assignment—dedicated all the way.”         ~Kevin Paul Scarrott, memoirist

“I have to compliment you…you did an excellent job. Your attention to detail has been very helpful. You’ve made my writing better…because of your editorial assistance. I thank you once again for all your help. I’ve finished novel number two. I’ll be back to ask for your help again.”    ~William Quincy Belle, horror fiction author

“That was a tremendous amount of work you did… You did a fantastic job. So many helpful corrections and suggestions to consider. In addition to your excellent style suggestions, I truly appreciated your historical-authenticity and sensitivity comments… You frequently pointed out some blind spots. Thank you so, so much!!” [After launch:] “So thankful for all you did to help me take off in the right direction with your helpful round of copy editing and fact-checking. It definitely set the right stage for final push through self-publishing process, which has in turn led to subsequent good reviews so far from Kirkus, Goodreads, Readers Favorite, Chanticleer.”                ~B. Gardner, historical fiction author

“Vanessa is a wonderful person to work with. She was approachable when questions needed asking, and she always gave helpful and friendly answers. She also asked her own questions about my preferences in order to tailor her service to me. Her work was returned quickly and was very accurate with many excellent suggestions for changes.”   ~ S. Van Dijk, YA fantasy fiction author

“I have finished going through the last revisions. I am very happy with the results, and there is nothing unresolved in the manuscript. Thank you so much for helping me AND being so patient with me.”   ~ M. Emert, fantasy fiction author

“Vanessa has a keen eye and a willingness to go well beyond her job specs to just make it BETTER. Both are invaluable, no matter how well you write.”  ~ S. Meagher, romance fiction author

“It’s a pleasure to have Vanessa’s hand—the hand of a consummate professional—help shape your work. I’ve had experience editing the work of dozens of other collaborators across three academic volumes and have had other editing experiences during more than 15 years as a public relations professional. So, I have deep appreciation for the level of rigor, thoroughness, and high responsiveness that Vanessa displayed throughout assisting on the book Public Relations and the Corporate Persona: The Rise of the Affinitive Organization (Routledge, 2017). Copy editing has never looked so masterful!”       ~ Dr. Burton St. John III, APR, Associate Professor of Communication, Associate Chair, Department of Communication & Theatre Arts, Fellow, ODU Resilience Collaborative, Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA.

“This provides incentive and encouragement. With your professional assistance, the book will be better in the long run.”   ~ D.G. Mahar, non-fiction author

“I sent the liner notes for one of my previous albums to Vanessa for editing, and when I do a before-and-after comparison, I find that she managed to clean up and untangle my text, allowing it to flow more naturally. The revised text still preserved its original form and character, but her subtle alterations helped everything to hold solidly together.”     ~John Kameel Farah, composer/musician.

“I’m so pleased with how thorough you are! I’ll definitely use you again.”  ~ V. Forde, Austco Communication Systems

“Great work!”   ~ J. Coffin, Griffintown Media Inc.

“AWESOME! I can’t begin to tell you how much help this is!”  ~ C.Bogaart, ORION

“Thank you so much for proofreading my website and letter sample!!! I really, really appreciate it!!”   ~M. Harder, youth activist and founder of the Liberate Minds campaign

“Vanessa, thanks for catching the colour change—some of the text was set to 80% black!”    ~Susan Sinclair Design

This is the kind of feedback I receive from clients. And I love the work as much as they love the results. The key is collaboration combined with mutual trust and respect.

Each dog-eared page contains at least one typo. Should have hired a proofreader!