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Working Together

How do you know what kind of editing you need? It might not be clear until I take a look at a sample of your work, but there are some great resources to help you understand the differences.

For subtitle and caption editing, please go to my other website.

For manuscript editing, I’ll ask you to send me a sample of your work, usually 10 double-spaced pages from the middle of the manuscript, in a Word file or as a PDF. I’ll do a free copy edit or proofread sample of two of those pages and establish a fee based on industry standards for the required level of editing and time. I’ll send it back with an estimate, at which time you can decide if you’d like to work with me. If so, I’ll send you a contract with the specifics (but no legalese or too-small print!) so there’ll be no surprises for either of us. To book your time slot, a non-refundable deposit is needed: that’s because I’m reserving that time for your project and will have turned away other paying jobs for that period.

I use standard industry software programs, such as Word’s Track Changes, Adobe markup, Cindex and Subtitle Edit and Swift File, amongst other tools and applications. I’m also happy to work on paper, if that’s your preference.

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